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The club has its own bouldering wall at Nørrebrohallen. We have a long and low traverse-section, an intimidating 25-degree overhanging 4.5 meter high wall, an 8-degree overhanging 4.7m high wall and a small cave. We also have a tall rope wall built inside Nørrebrohallen.

You can find Nørrebrohallen at Bragesgade 5 – 2200 København N.

Membership and prices

We have made an online application form. The form is in danish, so grab a dane and fill in the form…

  • Kids (less than 18 years): Dkr. 490,-
  • Adults: Dkr. 990,-
  • Students: Dkr. 890,-
  • Day-card: Dkr. 50,-

Payment is done by transferring money to the bank account stated on the online application form page.
The membership card is send to you by e-mail, once your payment has been registered. You must print the membership card and glue a photo onto it. The membershipcard must always be worn visible while climbing. Student must also bring the studentcard.

Membership gives you the right to use our facilities during the opening hours of Nørrebrohallen for 1 year (starts and ends on the 1. of January) .(Bring your receipt for paid membership every time you climb, until you get your membership card.) Membership is also required if you want to participate in any of our courses. Course information is given in danish here

After the 1. of September the membership prices are reduced to half.

Every second month an introduction course is given to those who have never tried climbing/bouldering before. For more information contact

Climbers who are not members have to buy at day-card to climb on our facilities. The card can be purchased at the reception in Nørrebrohallen.

Further questions?

of general nature or concerning membership write an e-mail to