NKK Christmas Party 23.01.2016!

NKK Christmas Party 2015 – January 23th

Hi everybody!

We hold the traditional Danish “Julefrokost” starting at 13 o clock (with room for 80 seated people) and the Party is open for all your non-member friends and loved ones after the dinner (from 19 o clock)(no limits).

This is where you sign up for the NKK Christmas Party in January and pay for your ticket (50 kr):HERE!

Here’s how it works:

To make the Party run smooth and enjoyable to all and to keep the ticket prices low you

sign up for a dish to bring and a small job. We operate on a first come, first served basis.

Please state what kind of food you’re bringing here:


Here are the small jobs in question – please pick one from this list:


Please also notice that we all help clean the venue continually:

Entertaining “performances” (e.g. speech, gimmicks, games etc.)(5)

Decorating the venue (10)

Bartender / 13.00-14.00 (2)

Bartender / 14.00-15.00 (2)

Bartender / 15.00-16.00 (2)

Bartender / 16.00-17.00 (2)

Bartender / 17.00-18.00 (2)

Bartender / 18.00-19.00 (2)

Bartender / 19.00-20.00 (2)
Bartender / 20.00-21.00 (2)
Bartender / 21.00-22.00 (2)
Bartender / 22.00-23.00 (2)
Bartender / 23.00-00.00 (2)

The rest are expected to help clean up and bring good mood and energyHER!

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